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We request you to read the below terms and conditions before purchasing the Offershouse card or before using the card. Using the card through the site or purchasing the card or using the card, you agree to bound by the mentioned below terms in reference to “You”, “users”, “customer”, ”members”, “owner of the card” shall mean Offershouse card owner and accessing of the card by end user through website, its contents and using the offered services through the website. “Partner” means an independent third party service provider or manufacturer or wholesaler or distributor or retailer. “We” or “Us” or “Our” means Offershouse and franchisor or affiliates of the company. We are authorized to make the changes in this terms at any point of time. Wherever there are any changes that will be informed to you by positing the changes on this page. But it will be totally your responsibility to ensure and be aware of the changes by checking them on regular basis. The effectiveness of the changes will be done as soon as it is posted on the site. After posting the changes if you continue using Offerhouse’s website as well as services it means that you have accepted with the changes.


Welcome of Offershouse where this site is owned as well as operated by Offershouse. Offershouse card is the product of the company which offers membership to use our services. We inform you regarding the ways to save the money and get the best products as well as services near you.

Offershouse card Terms and Conditions

  1. The card is not legally committed to any one from the company. Complaints regarding any rejections will not be made at the partner’s place or for any other reasons.

  2. Our website is the final place for getting the latest offers as well as details of the partners.

  3. Partner will have the complete authority in deciding whether the discounts or offers should be provided or not. Partners can always change the offers with out any prior notice even if he/she have agreed to offer the special discounts.

  4. The final decision making authority is always there in hands of partner in the case of conflicts which occurs between the card holder and the partner.

  5. We will not take any responsibility, if any one purchase the Offershouse card for less price or more price than its original price.

  6. Offershouse card is not for sale in association with any other product and if this happens than we are not holding any responsibility for this.

  7. Our partner’s keeps on changing so the website might not have latest updates therefore the contents published on the website may not be accurate sometimes.

  8. At any point of time we cannot return the paid money, in case of any issues or complaints etc.

  9. Offershouse card’s validity is for a year which is available for free but after that customer or member can be charged by us or any other party for shipping or handling as well as printing charges.

  10. Customers can visit the website and can get the information regarding price of the card.

  11. Anyone who is willing to purchase the card or is using the card needs to agree upon the terms and conditions which are published on the website

  12. Anyone who is willing to get Offershouse card needs to agree upon the terms and conditions which are printed on the paper along with the terms and conditions which are published on the site.

  13. We will not be responsible for any unexpected incidents which may happen to the company that may lead to closer of the Offershouse services or the organization. Customers or members will not be eligible for any refund of any amount paid to us or towards its services.

  14. We only advertise the partner’s offers on our website by displaying the links as well as products. We do not sell any of the products or the services ourselves. When you shop from any partner, you pay them directly and they will be responsible for that paid product or services or after sale services or warranties etc.

  15. We do take care while choosing the partner but then we will not be responsible for any difficulties that you have faced with the partner or the purchase product or services. We provide no warranty or guarantee with regards to the purchases that is done from our partners.

  16. It is mandatory for you to have valid Offershouse card to redeem and avail the discounts or offers or deals available on the site. Individual terms and conditions can or will be applied on each offer which depends on the terms agreed with the partners. This terms and conditions can be changed or updated or withdrawn without any prior warning and we will not notify that to the card owner separately.

  17. Offershouse Card is non-transferable and is available for individual use only. There might be instance where in one partner may ask you to provide the identity proof before giving the discounts or offers to you. In that case, it is mandatory for you to submit the identity proof without making any complaints to avail the discount or the offer on that particular product

  18. Using the Offershouse card after expiry date is illegal and even a serious offence. If we find anyone doing so we can take legal actions on such cases.

  19. Use of Offershouse card is simple and convenient. Just be present on the arrival of the Offershouse card or while making any reservations at any of our given partners place. You are required to present your card before purchasing the products or services to enjoy the offers or discounts or deals available.

  20. Offershouse card does not entitle you to get free entry or free tickets at any or our partners. It also does not mean that you will get preference or a table over other customers or be exempted from making a reservation. We encourage you to reserve the table as well as book the appointment in advance to avoid last minute disappointments. Our management will not be responsible for unavailability of goods or services from our partners.

  21. All the benefits as well as discounts are offered upon may not be the conjunction with any other discounts or promotions or vouchers unless otherwise stated. Discounts may be unavailable on special days like festivals.

  22. The discounted goods or services are subject to availability or change without any prior notice to the card owner. We will not accept any liability for any such changes of the offers and will not notify the card owner separately.

  23. These terms shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the Indian laws without reference to conflict of laws principles and disputes arising in relation here to shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

What we do

The site is all about sharing information regarding saving money. We provide regular updates general offers as well as discount information with our views on how to save money. The information that you read on this site is a great starting point for your further research into what suits your particular money saving requirements. We can’t take any ownership for the information we publish on our website.

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Cancellation or Refund Policy

There could be certain circumstances beyond our control where you could receive a damaged or defective Offershouse card that is not the same as per your original order. We will replace the Offershouse cards to your satisfaction at no extra cost. In such circumstances we would request you to get in touch with our Customer Service Team through one of the below channeles and they will guide you on the next steps for the same.


We as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any transaction on account of the card holder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time.

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